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Status modifiers are buffs/debuffs that can be applied to your character. In cases such as the Defense Initiative/Peace Through Power, they can also be applied to your vehicles. Status modifiers can be acquired from 3 different sources; commander buffs, crates and tiberium grenades.

List of Modifiers

The main source of status modifiers are commanders. The original purpose of status modifiers are to discourage stalemate matches and progress the game quicker than before. As commander buffs are given in an area around the commander's current position, it can also increase teamwork and encourage rushing together as a team.

Commander Buffs

The asterisk (*) indicates the modifier is not implemented in the game, but exists in the code.


Crate Buffs

Debuffs from Weapons


  • There are currently 10 unique status modifiers.
    • Nod has 2 unique modifiers.
    • GDI has 5 unique modifiers, with 3 of those being unused in the actual game.
    • There are 3 unique, neutral modifiers.

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