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Faction GDI
Function Anti-Vehicle Infantry
Health 100


  • 200 (Recruit)
  • 225 (Veteran)
  • 250 (Elite)
  • 300 (Heroic)
Armor Type Flak
Primary Weapon Personal Ion Cannon
Sidearm Heavy Pistol
Speed 100
Grenades EMP Grenade x1
Cost $1000

Sydney is the anti-armor specialist of the Global Defense Initiative, able to snipe at Vehicles from safe locations.


Sydney wears military boots, trousers, kneepads, gloves, a blue leather jacket with the GDI logo on the back and a tank top. She has brown hair and a small necklace.


Sydney deals great damage to vehicles, crippling their armor away with slow but powerful shots; she also carries Anti Tank Mines and an EMP Grenade to further emphasize her anti-vehicle role.



Sydney's Personal Ion Cannon has moderate range, very low rate of fire but very high damage in a single shot; therefore she is best employed at taking potshots against enemy vehicles, possibly finishing off damaged ones in the process of retreating. Against fast moving vehicles, it is advisable to aim at the spot where they would go next in order to hit them. After firing once, a Sydney should seek cover until her weapon has recharged.

Sydney is able to deal high damage against infantries as well, and also being able to kill them by scoring a headshot, but the slow recharging sequence of her weapons will prove costly, especially against infantries with automatic weapons, should she miss a shot; therefore, her effectiveness against infantry is determined by the player's aiming skills and reflexes, akin to sniper characters such as Deadeye or Havoc. Still, her weapon has only one level of zoom and a slower rate of fire compared to Sniper Rifles and Ramjet Rifles.

Sydneys have both Anti Tank Mines and EMP Grenades, which will prove useful against enemy vehicle rushes.


Sydney share the same weakness that snipers have: she is usually at disadvantage if players get close to them; infantries such as Chemical Trooper, Officer, and Mendoza are preferred for their high rate of fire when confronting her in close quarters. When approaching her, strafe and jump around with alternating movement so to not follow a predictable pattern to raise the chances of avoiding a headshot; even so, a veteran Sydney might still be able to snipe your head even when you are moving around.

Black Hand Sniper and Sakura will also counter Sydney, since the former are snipers and have longer range than her.

For Vehicles, Sydney will prove to be a serious threat, jumping out to fire at you and then falling back into cover. Usually she will strike at you from infantry paths, so you cannot ram her over. Laying suppressing fire with APCs or tank shells will not work very well in this situation. It is best to either retreat, have some Engineers backing you up, or just remaining around to act as a distraction in order to allow teammates to deal with her.

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