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RenX WeaponIcon Flamethrower.png
Carried by Brotherhood of Nod Flame Trooper
Type Primary weapon
Damage type Flames
Projectile speed 1750
Range 1200
Rate of fire 0.1
Magazine 700 (Recruit)
800 (Veteran)
1350 (Elite)
2000 (Heroic)
Internal name Rx_Weapon_FlameThrower

The Han Industries FG13 Dragonfly Flamethrower is the primary weapon of the Brotherhood of Nod's Flame Troopers.


The Flamethrower has a barrel where flames are released and a large handle on top to carry it when not employed. Clips are made of gas canisters that fuel the flames, and they are inserted below the weapon.

Damage table

Base Damage Headshot Multiplier Kevlar Armor Multiplier Flak Armor Multiplier Lazarus Armor Multiplier Heavy Armor Multiplier Light Armor Multiplier Aerial Armor Multiplier Building Multiplier MCT Multiplier
10 x1 x1 x1 x1 x0.3 x0.3 x0.3 x0.4 x1.2

Full damage will be inflicted only if the target body is struck completely by the flame. Higher veterancy ranks will increase the base damage by a specified multiplier.


The Flamethrower fires a stream of flames. It is considered one of the best weapons among the basic infantry classes, since it can damage everything to a decent degree, has ample clips that can be "sprayed and prayed" over, and it can be devastating against buildings en masse. Its only drawback is its extremely short range, requiring the wielder to close towards their opponents.

Flames will also obfuscate the view, especially when there are multiple Flamethrowers firing: this could be both beneficial or hampering, depending on the situation.

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