Patch 5.465

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Patch 5.465
Developer Totem Arts
Game Renegade X
Release date September 15, 2020
Previous patch Patch 5.464
Next patch Patch 5.466

Patch 5.465 for Renegade X was released on September 15, 2020.



  • Tiberium Automatic Rifle (TAR)
    • Added bleed damage.
  • Volt Automatic Rifle (VAR)
    • Significant rework on recoil and spread.
    • Slightly decreased burn damage.
    • Reworked alternate fire charge.
      • Base damage decreased from 40 -> 30.
      • Full charge damage bonus reduced from 190 -> 120.
      • Max charge reduced from 25 -> 15.
      • Auto discharge reduced from 3s -> 2s.
      • Cooldown after discharge reduced from 1.5s -> 0.5s.
  • M2 Bradley
    • Primary Cannon
      • Damage increased from 30 -> 35.
      • Fire interval increased from 0.25 -> 0.35.
      • Projectile speed decreased from 13500 -> 12500.
      • Splash radius decreased from 400 -> 300.
      • Light Armour Damage decreased by 10%.
  • Lock acquiring time on Recon Bike halved.
  • Proxy Mines reverted to old system (mines placed everywhere count to team limit).
  • Added cap of 20 VP given to the team for a Harvester kill.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed Random Weapon crate weapons not being affected by veterancy correctly and weapons in specific order.
  • Fixed SBH/Stank being targetable while dead.
  • Fixed Destroyable Obstacles being targetable while they shouldn't be.
  • Fixed burn/bleed damage not being applied on headshots for hitscan weapons.
  • Fixed GDI airdrops not working properly.
  • Fixed infantry not regenerating stamina while in a vehicle.
  • Fixed infantry taking burn/bleed damage while in a vehicle.
  • Fixed vehicle spawning in Defense Gamemode.
  • Fixed memory leak with Purchase Terminal.
  • Partially fixed Aircraft dying FPS drops.
  • Fixed spray projectiles (Flamethrower/Chemical Sprayer) colliding too far to the left.
  • Fixed "Can't change name" message appearing when you successfully name change.
  • Added cleaning up for some things in netplay.
  • Fixed some explosive projectiles (IE Patch) getting unintended double hit registers.

Quality of life

  • Helipad is no longer required to be destroyed to win.
  • Changed slots & hotkey of Orca and Chinook in purchase terminal.
  • Improved overall Harvester pathfinding.
  • Refined the Airtower's elevator.
  • Vehicles collisions adjusted to prevent getting stuck to everything.
  • Airdrop's position are now a bit more precise.
  • Fixed flying physics type using swimming animation instead of jumping animations.
  • You can now mouse click through the Renegade X EVA intro video.


  • Fixed brightness and other values on character meshes.
  • Upscaled infantry and weapon textures.
  • Tweaked generic heroic bullet effect (Soldier, Humvee/Buggy, APC).
  • Tweaked Railgun heroic effect to better reflect the hitbox of the beam.
  • Decreased intensity of burn damage vignette.
  • Added overlay effect for first person arms.
  • Lowered size of overlay effects.
  • Lowered max texture size at lower graphics settings.
  • Add ability to load custom SoundCue for killsound.
  • Changed number of pellets from Kinetic Shotgun to 10 from 100 and increased damage from 1 to 10 due to performance issues.

User interface

  • Gameplay Tips will no longer show as spectator.
  • Changed name change messages from EVA message to popup in middle of screen.
  • Removed IP and PORT from in-game server browser, and fixed missing caps in button.


Updated all maps infantry brightness values, removed vignette and chromatic aberration and disabled night vision on day maps.

  • Goldrush
    • Fixed floating tree at GDI base entrance.
    • Fixed bad blocking volume collision at GDI base entrance.
  • Islands X
    • Fixed a MRLS spot on GDI tunnel exit in field.
  • Snow
    • Fixed an out of map spot.
  • Whiteout
    • Lightposts in bases turned off.


  • Added a toggle in Map Info that allows you to disable night vision in scoped weapons.
  • Harvesters will now be able to use TibNodes with team 255.
  • Tech Buildings can now have a team set.
  • Added array for damage types that heal in Rx_FamilyInfo.
  • Changed passive ability 2 to passive instead of active.
  • Added Jukebox class to Map Info.

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